June 22, 2011

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Nick Kypreos is reporting that the Flyers have signed Ilya Bryzgalov to a seven-year deal. Elliott Friedman states that the deal is close to $7 million per. A deal like this cannot be announced until July 1, because of the tagging rule. As such, the Flyers and other sources are denying that the deal is done (i.e. they have to). Myself, I think a handshake agreement is done. I also believe that this means Jeff Carter, Braydon Coburn, Kris Versteeg and possibly Matt Carle will be moved. Extreme? Yes, but they were tight to begin with – for both short and long-term. This frees up not only space for the new contract, but also space to fill their roster. If they keep one, it’s Coburn or Carle.


As for a seven-year deal at that money – I don’t like it. It’s not as horrible as handing a Band-Aid Boy the money Markov got (though at least that one was for two years). But considering that the Flyers could have denied Bryzgalov the money he was asking for and then offered him and another draft pick to Florida for Vokoun (and take a shot at signing him), I don’t like it. Hell, even wait until July 1 and make a pitch for Vokoun then. The demand for a quality starter is about four or five teams. That should drive the price over $7 million like that. I think paying $6 million is probably fair…and though I don’t like the term, I would probably cave into that demand. That extra million just nags at me, and I’d be too stubborn to go that extra mile. But I guess it speaks to the pressure on the Flyers to land a netminder. It sounds like Bryzgalov could have pretty much just filled in his own contract and Holmgren signed…


As a Carter owner, I’m shopping him now. Yes, his production should increase in most other NHL cities – but I’m going to try to play on that. Perhaps his inflated value becomes over-inflated in someone’s eyes…


Here is an update on Brian Burke's pre-draft trade talks. To summarize – he is in talks with a deal, it may or may not get done, several lines in the water, yadda yadda yadda… The consensus thinking is that he is trying to move up in the draft using picks 25 and 30.


Max Pacioretty signed a two-year contract for $3.25 million. That's a great price.


Andrei Markov is also rumored to have signed for two years – $11.5 million is too rich for my blood. Why? Right knee injury, right knee injury, lower body injury, left ankle injury, left knee injury, lower body injury, back spasms, shoulder injury, foot injury, hip injury, ankle injury, left knee injury…and that about covers the last eight years (I copied this injury list in the reverse order that they happened). But Montreal brass things this year will be different. Good luck with that, I sincerely hope they are right. I never like to see a player hurt. No, I won't be owning Markov in any league.


The Habs were busy – David Desharnais signs for two years as well – $1.7 million, another great price. Not sure if it's a two-way deal or not. But at worst, only one of those years is. My guess is it's one-way.


The Preds are reportedly close to re-signing Marcel Goc. And yeah, I remember how well he was doing with Martin Erat and Sergei Kostitsyn. If the line clicks like that again, and remains healthy, Goc is in for a career year. Not draftable, but he'd be a quick waiver