Top 15 Fantasy Losers – Western Style

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The 15 biggest fantasy busts of the 2013-14 season – Western Conference

As a follow up to last week's article where we listed the top 15 fantasy winners in the Western Conference, this week we shift to the other end of the spectrum and rank 15 players from the West that disappointed us the most this season. In order to be eligible for this list I considered players that had played a decent number of games (minimum 40 games for skaters and 30 games for goalies), therefore those disappointing players like Stephen Weiss who missed significant time due to injury may not be captured on this list. Ranking them from 15 to one, here are the players out West that destroyed their share of championship dreams this season.


15. Justin Schultz, Edmonton Oilers (74-11-22-33)

Schultz's 33 points in 74 games is respectable and his minus-22 this season correlates with playing significant minutes on a team that struggled all year. However many of us expected more from the sophomore this season after he put up 27 points in 48 games (a prorated 46 point pace) as a rookie. While his season cannot be labeled a monstrosity, it was definitely disappointing to those who thought he was ready to take the next step.


14. Devan Dubnyk, Edmonton/Nashville (34-11-18-3)

A number of us comfortably drafted Dubnyk at the start of the season as a second goalie option. This was supposed to be the year Dubnyk proved to Edmonton fans that he was their goalie of the present and future. Dubnyk started over 75% of the regular season in 2012-2013 and posted a very respectable .920 save percentage on a defensively challenged team. This year he fell apart, getting replaced by Ilya Bryzgalov before being shipped away from Oil Town to Nashville and eventually ending up in Montreal as a depth piece. Dubnyk's fantasy relevance came to an abrupt ending this year