Changes afoot in the Windy City

Chris Pudsey




Taking a look at the upcoming salary cap landscape in Chicago


I think it's safe to say that many are nervous, and some excited, about what the Blackhawks are planning on doing as far as trying to clear cap space before next year.  Since signing their two franchise players, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, to identical eight year, $84M deals this year, the Blackhawks have to be nervous about the salary cap next season. There are rumours of what it "might" be, but if it stays close to its current $69M, then the Blackhawks could be in some serious trouble. Looking at capgeek, the Blackhawks currently have a hair under $65M already dedicated to fourteen current roster players, and some pretty significant pieces looking for new contracts. Even if it does increase to the predicted $73M, the Blackhawks still have to make some tough choices to make before next season.