2015 Offseason Fantasy Look: Winnipeg & Vancouver

Doran Libin




The offseason fantasy hockey outlook for the Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks

The first three weeks covered the six Western Conference teams that failed to make the playoffs. Now for the first of the eliminated playoffs teams based on those eliminated first and their regular season finish. That means Winnipeg and Vancouver are up for dissection.



Winnipeg's offense stayed relatively stable from last to this season, the change was on the defensive end. First they allowed nearly a shot and a half less per game. A third of the cut down in shots came on shots in the high danger area where they allowed half a shot less per game. That is huge in an area where goals are scored on roughly one out of every five shots. In combination with their save percentage rising to a roughly league average range the Jets allowed one fewer goal every three games. As such a team that picked eighth last year made the playoffs this season.