Ramblings: Sedin injury; Filppula heats up; Talbot, Williams & more (Jan.18)



Rambling about how an expansion team today could have really helped certain players; plus some sleepers as well as Sunday’s games…


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There are no expansion teams right now. In fact, as you know, expansion teams are so far back in history that half of the readers here can barely remember them. Today, every team is established. And even the rebuilding teams have a deep farm system with lots of draft picks. There is no team that remotely resembles an expansion squad. No team is ‘forced’ to play a bubble veteran who is suddenly lacking a key component to his game.

Remember Tony Hrkac? Brian Bradley? Sylvain Turgeon? Norm MacIver? They flourished on expansion teams. Today, these players are named Sam Gagner, Cody Hodgson, Chris Higgins, Brandon Gormley. If there was an expansion team today, one or more of these players would become revived stars. But instead, the weak teams are all established and they would much rather play one of their many prospects. And they’ve kept their big scorers and are building around them. They don’t need to retrofit a scorer with holes in his game just to generate some goals.

Timing is everything, my friends. If the likes of Gagner and the gang started sucking three years from now instead of today, then they’d probably be flourishing with an ugly expansion team around them. Instead, I’m sure it will be off to Europe for them.


Wow, if the Penguins keep scoring like this, I’ll win all my leagues despite how far behind I currently sit in two of them. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr. Sullivan. Let’s review:

Patric Hornqvist had two assists. Gives him seven points in his last fou