IR Report: World Cup of Hockey Primer

Ajay Da Costa


Injury Report: Running down all the injuries impacting the players in the World Cup of Hockey…

Hey Poolies! Welcome back to the most depressing column of the season!

As we get the ball rolling there’s not exactly a wealth of injured player information. That being said, we’ve already had a few drop out of the World Cup, and some are still recovering from mid-summer surgery. I don’t think many of them will be out for the start of the season, but those playing on a World Cup team might not be able to say the same once the tournament comes to a close.


David Krejci – After surgery in April, Krejci was supposed to be on the shelf for five months. That’ll keep him out of action until late September, so he might not play for the Czech team. That being said, he’s trying “to get 100 percent” before he suits up for any games. Apparently the hip injury has been nagging him for a couple of years now, so hopefully the surgery will help him crack the 70-point mark again this season (he has been on 70-point pace twice in the last three years, so it’s not all bad news).

Torey Krug – Krug underwent should surgery in late April as well, but his recovery time was projected at six months. He’s a risk to miss time at training camp, and might even miss the season opener. While he’s been skating, he isn’t taking shots or making much use of his shoulder. Don’t be too bummed, Krug owners. He’s expected to make a full recovery, and last year he set career highs in shots on goal and assists.

Phil Kessel – The star of the Penguins’ best line of the playoffs managed the feat with a hand injury. He had surgery for it afterwards, but wasn’t expected to miss time. Despite moving from a team that had Tyler Bozak as its number one center to one that boasts Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, last year was a low point in his career in terms of point totals. The hand injury likely explains a lot of that, but he had 35 points in the back half of the season, so maybe growing pains could’ve been the problem too. With his own line, chemistry, and top PP1 minutes, expect him to rebound nicely. He also hasn’t missed a game since 2010, so despite any worries from the Pens, there’s zero reason to drop him down any draft lists.

Claude Giroux – Like Krejci, Giroux also went through hip surgery after the end of his season. Unlike Krejci though, he’s much more likely to join his national team as he’s fully recovered and ready for action.

Jamie Benn – Benn bowed out of the World Cup and was replaced by