Injury Ward: November 23, 2016

Ajay Da Costa


A look around the league updating you on all the major injuries.

The Big Guns (>80% owned in Yahoo Leagues)

Steven Stamkos – This “news” isn’t really new, but c’est la vie when you’ve got a weekly column and the story breaks immediately after your article is posted. The Lightning captain is out for four months, maybe more. This will really give Tampa’s depth a chance to shine, but also might actually give them a better chance to take home Lord Stanley’s Cup. “Whaaaaat? You’re a crazy man”, says you. “No sir”, says I. There’s no salary cap in the playoffs, so if he’s out until game 1 (and there’s every chance this might be the case), the $8,460,613 in cap relief that the Lightning are getting from his long-term injured reserve status can actually be used to get $8M worth of players. The catch is they’d have to acquire those players before the trade deadline. If they go this route and he comes back before the end of the season, though, the Lightning and Stamkos are both in deep $#!+. Penalties can include a fine to Stamkos of up to $1M, voiding his contract entirely, forfeiting games and/or draft picks, and suspending any Lightning officials who helped orchestrate the scenario.

Taylor Hall – Hall’s lower-body injury is a torn meniscus and will keep him on the injured reserve for up to three more weeks. This is all part of the deal when it comes to ownership of Taylor Hall. Despite a boatload of talent, the guy is practically a shoo-in for missing ten games a year.

Johnny Gaudreau – The last bit of news that came in too hot to handle last week, Johnny Hockey needed surgery to repair the damage that those 21 whacks dealt to him. Rehab will take him another five weeks or so, and the Calgary Flames need him soon. They’re 8-12-1 so far, and Sean Monahan isn’t looking like his usual self. Calgary’s on the outside looking in this year, and they might start looking at the list of draft-eligibles instead of the list of playoff teams if this goes on much longer.

Anze Kopitar – Kopitar’s still not sure if he’ll return to NHL ice soon, but the Kings aren’t in trouble, having gone 3-1-1 in his absence. He certainly sounds antsy to return, but it also must be nice to have the luxury of time to heal properly. Check the LA Kings’ twitter before their game tomorrow to find out if you should slot him in.

Gabriel Landeskog – While the Avalanche got their