Ramblings: Expansion Lists; Ryan Kesler; Cory Schneider; Jordan Eberle – June 19

Michael Clifford


On Sunday, all 30 NHL teams currently with rosters submitted their protected lists for the Expansion Draft. A few notes on this before delving into some important names:

  • Vegas has reiterated a few times that just because a player is unprotected does not mean they will select said player. Teams could have a deal in place with the Golden Knights to keep a certain player they left exposed, so just because a player isn’t protected doesn’t mean he’s leaving.
  • Players that are RFA or UFA that would have been eligible for the expansion draft can now be contacted and negotiated with by Vegas only.
  • Reaching the salary floor is not a requirement for the Golden Knights in their first year of existence. For that reason, they are not guaranteed to take your favourite team’s bad contract, especially without compensation.
  • First and second-year professional players are exempt, which means they are not in need of protection.

With that out of the way, here are some players who caught my eye as being unprotected by their team. The full list can be seen here:

Mike Cammalleri

New Jersey decided to go with the 4-4-1 route, and that left the 35-year-old winger exposed. He has two years left on his contract with an average annual value of $5 million.

Cap implications aren’t something the Golden Knights really need to concern themselves with, given they only need to reach 60 percent of the floor. Whether the team want to spend the money is another matter, but Cammalleri is still in effective scorer – over his three seasons in New Jersey, his goals per 60 minutes (0.75) at five-on-five is the same as Wayne Simmonds and Jeff Carter.

Injuries are always something to consider with Cammalleri, but given the lack of scoring that will available, he is perfectly suited as a short-term fit on an expansion team.

Charles Hudon

As a Habs fan, this is exceedingly frustrating. A deal may be in place that keeps Hudon in the organization with Montreal giving something to Las Vegas in the form of a pick or prospect, but it does indicate this – they value Paul Byron and Andrew Shaw more than Hudon.

Having not been given a real chance at the NHL, it’s no surprise at the pecking order here for Montreal. He has been good in his time in the minors, though: in his last 123 AHL games, he has 55 goals, and was top-10 in the league in goals per game for 2016-17. Allowing him to be taken in the Expansion Draft would be a mista