Capped: Bargain Picks in Playoff Pools

Alexander MacLean


This week's Capped takes a look at some playoff value picks, where the salary cap doesn’t matter.


The playoffs are the one time of year when the salary cap gets unceremoniously left behind, and we are gifted with the best hockey of the year. For this week only, we are not going to focus on cap aspects, but instead just have them in the background of the article. The Capped article is usually all about working within the salary cap, and finding value, but with the cap limit shackles taken off, we are left with just finding value. Further to that statement, what is really important at the moment, is beating all of your office colleagues at your annual hockey pool. Let’s see if we can help you out with just that.

One player will be listed from each NHL team. Depending on the pool, it may be more strategic to go for a lesser player on a better team, or a better player on a lesser team. It’s all about finding value and sticking to a strategy. Teams listed in order of their position in the standings entering play as of April 3rd.


Kevin Fiala (LW) –  Nashville Predators

Fiala has been one of the Predators’ most dynamic forwards since the trade for Kyle Turris in the fall. A staple on the second line, he has flown under the radar in many fantasy circles due to the potency of the top line. In playoffs drafts, Filip Forsberg will be one of the first off the board, and the rest of the top line will soon follow. After suffering a broken femur in the second round last season, Fiala’s playoff run was cut short, but not before he made his mark with a few key goals. He looks primed for another impactful post-season.


Cap note: Fiala still has another year on his entry level deal, which will provide great value next season. Don’t be waiting around for a big fourth year breakout, it could be as soon as next season.



David Krejci (C) –  Boston Bruins

As the second-line centre behind all-star Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci doesn’t get much recognition. His tendency to miss time each season with an injury also hinders the perception of his value. However, he is healthy now, and looks more dangerous offensively with added depth supporting him from the wings this season. With opposing teams focusing on the stacked top line, it could open things up for Krejci’s second unit.


Cap note: If this were a cap league, Krejci would not be recommended. His $7.25 million cap hit is much too high to stomach for what he produces over the course of a regular season. Especially with three full years left on that deal.



J.T. Miller (C/LW) –  Tampa Bay Lightning

Since joining the Lightning at the trade deadline,