Ramblings: More post-mortems, my thoughts on where free agency is going this summer, Coyle and more (May 13)




Ramblings: More post-mortems, my thoughts on where free agency is going this summer,  and more (May 13)


Three teams were eliminated last week. Here are my thoughts the team, the players, and what the future holds…

Colorado Avalanche

Man, Cale Makar. This team really stepped it up a notch once this guy was added to the lineup. No pro experience, fresh off the plane, here please join our NHL team. That Makar piled up six points in 10 games is impressive. But even more so when you consider that another young prospect, Samuel Girard, touted for his offensive potential almost as much, has yet to even scratch the surface two years in. Some guys require patience, some guys hit immediately. Girard averaged 1:44 per game of PP time, while Makar averaged 1:38. Girard overall saw 18:42, Makar 17:22. So this wasn’t about ice time or opportunity. Was it about luck? Nope. Makar’s 5on5 S% was 8.3% versus Girard at 10.5%, so if anything it was Girard getting the bounces in the admittedly small sample size. Makar just created the offense plain and simple, in on 85.7% of the goals scored while he was on the ice (IPP). Girard was at just 25%. There is a reason why Makar jumped to No.1 on the Fantasy Prospects List (defensemen here, forwards here).

Colin Wilson’s eight points is interesting. He also had a strong final quarter that saw increased ice time in the regular season. But the guy can’t stay healthy for more than 65 or 70 games so I’m not sure how much a 0.6 or 0.67 points-per-game average can really do for most leagues. But he was always this potential that was never reached, long ago given up on. In fact, I had wondered if he was still even an NHL player heading into the season. Obviously he can still serve in a second/third line tweener role.

The Avs will be interesting heading into this offseason because they have so much cap flexibility. They will have over $35 million in space, though I’m sure after signing Mikko Rantanen, Nikita Zadorov, JT Compher and Alexander Kerfoot</