Ramblings: Toronto Wins! Also Thoughts on Rask, Jones, Tarasenko and more…

Ian Gooding


Toronto is going to the final! It may not be the Stanley Cup Final, but across Canada there have to be more people cheering for the Raptors than there would be if the Leafs went to the final. Even if they lose to Golden State and Kawhi leaves after the season, this is totally worth it for the Raptors. Unfortunately, I would still bet on both of those scenarios happening. However, the present is one hell of a ride for those fans.

Yes, fantasy keeper owners can learn something from the Raptors. If you have a chance to make your team better, even if it’s just for one season and it sacrifices your future, then why not go all in? It was a risky trade for the Raptors when it happened, but now they’ve advanced farther than they ever have in team history. As much as DeMar DeRozan is a solid player, the Raptors weren’t getting a sniff of the NBA Finals had they stood pat.

You can easily sacrifice the present in order to stockpile for the future. Having reserves for next season and beyond is important, but I don’t play the fantasy game so that my team can be better five years from now. Look for ways to improve your team in the present. If you can’t because you have already made the decision to rebuild, look for prospects that you can harvest sooner rather than later. You may not be able to wait that long. This philosophy might seem to run counterintuitive to the idea of building for the future, but it’s possible to continue to stay competitive for a lengthy period without having to tank. The two Stanley Cup finalists are an example of that.  


At the World Hockey Championship, it’ll be an NHL veteran-laden Canada squad facing a Finland team with very little NHL experience. The Canadians defeated the Czechs 5-1 on Saturday, while the Finns squeaked by a Russian team with numerous NHL stars by a score of 1-0.

Canada is clearly the favorite on paper, yet they just advanced past Switzerland by the slimmest of margins in the quarterfinal. So there’s no guarantee of Canadian gold here. Even if Finland loses on Sunday, this is an amazing showing for them.  


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