Ramblings: Allowing Adds and Drops, Rinne, Forsberg (Mar 15)

Ian Gooding


Hopefully you were able to find alternate ways to pass the time on Saturday instead of watching hockey.

Something to consider while we wait for the season to possibly resume is the status of injured players. Rather than try to speculate on injured players that may return if NHL play resumes at some point, I'll defer to Brennan and his latest Injury Report, then let you draw your own conclusions.

I say this because your league commissioner (or you, if you are the commissioner) may need to decide whether to allow adds and drops during this period. To be honest, it's not something I had given a lot of thought to. Dobber did mention that adds and drops should not be allowed during this hiatus in his recent Fantasy Hockey Impact of COVID-19.

I run a no-money yet highly competitive league in which one owner recently added an injured player, to which another owner raised an objection. I asked for input from other league members, and so far two other owners have stated that they are not overly concerned. Reasons that you may decide to leave adds/drops as is include a) no guarantee that the season will continue anyway, b) no guarantee that the injured player will return if it does, and c) players have less incentive to do this if they have a limited number of adds/drops per season (as this league has).

The injured player in question happens to be Oliver Bjorkstrand. As of February 21, he was expected to be out 8-10 weeks with a sprained/fractured ankle. That would put his return somewhere around late April. It's possible that he's back in the lineup by then, but again no guarantee. Even if he does return, he could be looking at a very short window to contribute.

If you were to ask me as to whether you should disable adds/drops in your league, I'd say it's probably better to shut them down in the interest of fairness and any other unintended consequences, such as hoarding. However, leaving it up to the league owners to decide is fine. If you do decide to shut down adds and drops, just make sure your league p