Ramblings: Reliving some great games from the last decade

Michael Clifford


I just wanted to take some to highlight some articles I've enjoyed from our Dobber writers over the last couple weeks. Sometimes it's not easy to draw attention away from everything that's going on so maybe there are some things our readers have missed. Here are a few from the last 10 days or so.

  • Cam Robinson took a spin at re-drafting the 1991 draft, or at least the top-10. Looking back, that first round as absolutely stocked to the gills with elite talent, so when the top-10 are assembled, it looks like an all-decade team or something.
  • Chris Kane reviewed mutli-cat defencemen and how their performance in different categories like hits and blocks compare to prior seasons. Basically, how levels of blocks/hits among the top blue liners in those categories have changed over the years. This kind of stuff is valuable knowledge when preparing for drafts as it's important to know what targets players need to hit, and how those targets are changing.
  • Grant Campbell has been working on the draft history of teams from the Western Conference, with his most recent post available here. It's one of those posts that's just interesting to read, especially in a time when there's just not much actual hockey news besides some ELC signings.
  • Ian Gooding looked at some Cy Young candidates on the season, or guys that score more goals than assists. (I argue we should name it the Brandon Pirri Trophy, but I digress.) These are always fun lists to look at.

That's just a handful of the articles or Ramblings I've enjoyed over the last week or so, either because they're informing or just entertaining. We could use a little more of the latter these days.


We've done a lot of reminiscing around here of late. Again, without actual hockey or much in the way of news, it's either that or research-filled projects. It's the end of the week (I guess?) so let's have a little bit of fun.

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