Ramblings: Re-Drafting 2017, Cirelli, Hoglander, Heiskanen, and Malkin (April 15)

Cam Robinson


The NHL has extended its Lockdown phase another two weeks. That'll take us until the end of April. This remains unsurprising and will continue to occur as the league will not want to cancel the season until they absolutely must.

It's strange to see the different possibilities being heralded by different sports and those in the know. We see Florida deeming WWE wrestling as an… essential service. How surprised can we really be, this is Florida we're talking about.

But then just a few days earlier we had ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski report that NBA executives and "many in sports" believe not only that leagues cannot open their doors until there is the widespread availability of rapid-response testing, but that those doors will not be opened to fans until the development of a similarly accessible COVID-19 vaccine.

"Economically, it may bankrupt them not to play, but in the end, I don't think it's going to be their decision," Wojnarowski told Scott Van Pelt on "SportsCenter" on Thursday night. "This pandemic is going to decide."

Regardless of when the social-distancing measures are relaxed, I think we're an awfully long way off from having our old normal lives back. Dig in, folks. 



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