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Ian Gooding


In case you missed it, the Capitals have terminated the contract of Brendan Leipsic, who made numerous inappropriate and disgusting remarks on Instagram. Leipsic was scheduled to be an RFA at season's end, but considering that some of his comments were made toward NHL players, I would think that he's burned a lot of bridges that would normally help him continue his NHL career. I'd expect the 25-year-old forward to land in the KHL or somewhere else in Europe if he is to continue playing hockey. Leipsic's status as a fourth liner likely made the Capitals' decision easy, as I wonder what would have happened if this were a higher-profile player.

Since Leipsic claimed his account was hacked, there is an issue of privacy here. Having said that, direct messages on any social media should NOT be considered private. I remember a similar debate occurring about a decade ago in a class that I taught about email not being private, even though the perception might be that email should be private. Emails can be forwarded and screenshotted, and written messages are difficult to refute once viewed. Same goes with the DMs, even if the intent by the sender is for the message to remain private. And if the comments were meant to be joking or kidding, then that's up to the recipient to decide.

Leipsic's comments speak to an issue larger than so-called “hockey culture”, which is the underlying issue of society tolerating misogynistic and inappropriate behavior. Think of it this way: With Mother's Day being upon us, would your mother be proud of you making those types of remarks? Would she find them even remotely acceptable? Would you be comfortable if she found out about these remarks? Make your mom proud and just don’t say that stuff. By the way, early Happy Mother's Day wishes to all the moms out there.


The Canadiens have signed prospect defenseman Alexander Romanov to a three-year, entry-level contract. Under the current rules, Romanov wouldn't be able to play if/when the season resumes, but there's always the possibility that could change. For scouting observations on Romanov, you can check out his Dobber Prospects profile.