Capped: Taking reader questions on the cap, future contracts, and undrafted UFAs

Alexander MacLean


Without any huge news of late, we're going to the well of endless questions on Twitter to create this week's article content. Thank you to all the readers for keeping up with the site during the down time!

Let's get to those questions:



This is an interesting question to look into, however there aren't huge fantasy implications. Let's get the easy part out of the way first. Bonuses should still be paid out, regardless of escrow, lockout, or likely any other foreseeable speed bump along the way. That is the advantage to having them built into contracts, and since they don't count toward escrow calculations, the NHL is likely going to try to minimize their impact in the next CBA. You're right that the players and agents with those built into the contracts are sitting a lot more comfortably right now than their peers without bonus-laden contracts.

As far as I have been able to find, nothing is being pushed with regards to alleviating the impact of the cap decrease for next season. Bonuses should still be paid on their normal dates, as the dates they are paid never impact the cap. It is possible that we see some teams forego giving out bonus-laden contracts over the next season in order to keep risk low with cap certainty. Otherwise, bonuses shouldn't have too much of an impact on how anything moves forward from here, aside from being a nuisance in possible future CBA discussions.