Ramblings: NHL RTP and testing; different methods of drafting; IPP on the power play – July 7

Michael Clifford


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There was an article on Gold drafting from Micah Blake McCurdy that I think everyone should read. Basically, it's a way of ensuring teams stay competitive throughout the season while removing the incentive for tanking. It's an interesting take on draft positions and the lottery as we know it.


The NHL announced 23 total players have tested positive for COVID-19 as part of the Phase 2 RTP, out of 396 players tested. There have also been an additional 12 cases outside of Phase 2 RTP. If all goes well, teams are expected to start camp in a week, travel to the hub cities late July, and start the play-ins on August 1st. This is all very, very tentative.

It was also announced that a new CBA has been reached, it just needs to be voted on by the players and approved by the Board of Governors. The results of that player vote should be very interesting.

Finally, no media will be allowed inside the bubble, save for one social media person per team. For those that play DFS, that would indicate it’s pretty unlikely we get lines at morning skates or warmups. That’s going to be a big, big problem in the DFS realm. (I realize that of all the big problems we have at this particular juncture in history, this is a very minor one.)


MLB is running into testing problems. Namely, the Astros and Nationals had to close camp because they weren't getting coronavirus test results back fast enough. The Angels and Athletics had their testers not even show up. We're seeing the problems the NHL may run into once everyone is finally together.


There is a report out of Finland that Kaapo Kakko is not returning to the Rangers for the play-ins. To this point, I haven't seen it confirmed by the usual Rangers beat writers, but this being published in one of Finland's largest newspapers would indicate to me that there is something to this. We'll post more once we know more.