Ramblings – Thoughts on Dallas, Tampa, Petry, Matheson, Ryan, Gagner and more (Sept. 28)



First thing's first. I relaunched DobberProspects.com a couple of days ago! Now go on and enjoy a cleaner, slicker site in time for the upcoming 2020 NHL Entry Draft. Still a few tweaks to go, and a couple of cool widgets I want to ad, but much of it is done. And please turn off your ad blocker. Any popup issues I may have had in the past are either gone, or easily squashed if any return.

The Fantasy Prospects Report will be re-released the day after the Stanley Cup is won. I was hoping to tell you today that it's available now, but Corey Perry decided he was 27 again. Anyway, this re-release comes free if you already bought it (just re-download the item). It has 40 player profile updates, six new profiles added, one new draftee profile added and of course Cam Robinson's Mock Draft. If Tampa wins Monday night, then look for this late Tuesday. If not – Thursday, it is.


My favorite time of year is the start of October because of all the fantasy drafts and the buzz in the air about the, er, start… of the season. It would be irony if Dallas pushes this to a seventh game Wednesday and it goes into a second overtime period – crossing the midnight threshold – so that the season actually finishes in October.


It's really amazing what Rick Bowness is getting out of these Stars. I mean…Jamie Benn was done. He really was done. A 45-point former superstar who can still chip in the intangibles. But now suddenly he's that point-per-game superstar again. At least, before the Final (he has just one point in the Final). But other players are stepping in, now that Benn has brought them there.

Corey Perry? Yes, Corey Perry! The same Perry who was getting the sheltered treatment, complete with weak quality of competition, offensive zone starts and 46.2% of the available power-play ice time in the regular season. And with all that, he managed just five goals and 21 points all season long, with the second-worst relative Corsi numbers on the team (so he was giving up too many chances along with not scoring). But, now in the playoffs he has matched those five goals, with three of them coming in the last two games of a Cup Final.

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