Ramblings: League-wide fantasy rosters; the NHL’s CBA and negotiations – November 27

Michael Clifford


With it being American Thanksgiving yesterday, there wasn't really a lot of news to go over. Not that there is usually much to talk about in the middle of the NHL's off-season, but really not a lot here.

I did see an interesting tweet from Eric Macramalla, who is a sports law professor that also appears on TSN. It reads as such:



I was not aware of the lockout prohibition, which is an interesting wrinkle in the face of owners trying to renege on their deal they signed four months ago. This isn't the same as 2012, not by a longshot, so it'll be interesting to see where the owners believe they can create leverage.


Before I forget, a hearty congrats to Dobber Prospects’ Jokke Nevalainen, who has joined the Carolina Hurricanes’ scouting staff:


Anyone who has read or interacted with Jokke over the years knows how good he is at what he does. It is very well-deserved, and is very well-earned. All the best to him on the next step of his journey.


For anyone who missed it yesterday, I finished my look around the league and changing trends. That includes rising shot rates, declining shot-blocking rates (in some instances), lowered shooting percentages for defe