Frozen Tools Forensics: Top added and dropped players

Chris Kane


And here we are. Finally back. We have actual game data to look at and it feels great. I am sure many of you (like me) have been following along with the multitudes of fantasy advice out there, panic dropped at least one person, picked up someone only to drop them two days later, and generally have just over-reacted to everything. There has been a ton of advice floating around on whether or not to add the newest flash in the pan (looking at you Joel Farabee) and who you should still be hanging on to despite a cold start.

Today we are going to dispense with some of that advice for a moment and take a look at what you the wise manager populace have been up to. We are going to take a look at the most added and dropped players and try and examine the reasons for their movement and whether or not the group think is on to something.This week on Frozen Tool Forensics: Three Up, Three DownTo get started we are going to take a look at Yahoo's adds and drops (sorry, other platforms, we will move on from Yahoo very soon). These change on a daily basis as managers add and drop more players so it is important to note that this is pulled from Thursday morning, so by the time the article drops on Friday we will have another set of games and potentially some new shiny toys to consider.

First up we are going to look at the players who have been added the most. To really examine the situation our focus is going to be on three questions.

  1. Why was this player added so much?
  2. I added him. Should I regret it?
  3. I missed out. Should I be disappointed?

The following table shows the top ten adds (all positions). We are going to be focusing on the players in bold.


    Adds Drops Trades Total
1 Bobby Ryan 1382 37 0 1419
2 Mi