Ramblings: Ottawa’s Moves; Laine; McAvoy; Kubalik; Kaliyev; Keith in Edmonton – July 13

Michael Clifford


There was a movie about 25 years ago called 'White Squall' and though I can't remember quite what it's about – something about teenagers sailing; maybe some sort of navy camp? – I do remember one particularly harrowing sequence.

Earlier in the movie, one of the teenagers has a nightmare he can't wake from. When he does eventually come to, he tells a fellow sailor about it, and the sailor gives him a piece of advice: when having a nightmare, try to say out loud in your dream, "1-2-3 WAKE UP" and repeat it over and over. The harrowing sequence comes later in the movie when a massive storm hits, threatening to kill all the crewmen on their boat, and the sailor, hoping it's a nightmare and not real life, starts yelling, "1-2-3 WAKE UP." Of course, it's real life, and not a nightmare, and the teenager drowns in his cabin. It is so, so sad. To this day, I don't remember most of the movie, but I remember those parts, because of how gut-wrenching it was.

At the risk of spoiling a 25-year-old movie, I do have a point here. Monday morning, with my normal routine out of the way, I hopped on Twitter. The first thing I see?

Now, believe me, as a non-Sens fan, this isn't a nightmare. It is an absolute dream come true. But one of my close friends from home is a big Sens fan, as is fellow Dobber writer Adam Daly-Frey, and I thought of them immediately. I wondered, "are they yelling '1-2-3 WAKE UP' right now?". Is this their White Squall?

At this point, we need to outline why this is a bad hire.

First, he is fiercely anti-analytics. And it isn't