Ramblings – Jeannot and Froden Make Impressions, the Kraken Debut, and More (Sep 27)



The Fantasy Guide updates are now in full swing, so you know that we're in the heart of fantasy draft season. It's been six days in row now where I've uploaded two updates in the same day – yes, it's been that frantic. And even the tiniest details matter. You're draft is coming up – get the Guide now and read it in advance. Be prepared for once! Grab it here.

(The above note was for my 'last minute' readers)

For my francophone readers who prefer to read their gold in their native tongue, we have a translated version of the Guide and the updates are not even a day behind – often within a couple of hours. You can order your French version here (and please share with any of your francophone pals).

ONE MORE NOTE: On Wednesday I change all the red font to black font, removing all indicators of my updates to that point. Then I start fresh, marking fresh updates in red. I do this because the entire Guide starts looking pretty red at that point, and this just cleans it up.


In the keeper league where I keep 12 I was looking to upgrade my goaltending. I'm a contender and I wanted to keep two goalies. And while I love elite fantasy own Connor Hellebuyck, I wasn't happy about owning Mackenzie Blackwood. I want immediate help, and don't care as much about future seasons. In this type of league format, as long as I keep 12 great players each year, I'll generally take that over great prospects. Especially for goalies. So I swapped Blackwood straight up for Cam Talbot. I think the projected starts total favors Talbot here, and in that tight defensive system his peripheral numbers will be superior. I now have a solid 1-2 punch.


I was invited to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit this week. We're just trying to iron out the details of when. I'll let you know on Twitter when we have everything nailed down.


The preseason games are up and running and our Frozen Tools already has the stats, the box score, the