Daily Fantasy Saturday: Predator Primary Stack

Stephen Dotzel


We have got an absolute monster slate on tap for tonight with 12 games. Personally six to eight games is what I think is the sweep spot in terms of slate size with the fringes of that range pretty good too. But when you get into the 11 and 12 or higher area, it all becomes a bit overwhelming. When you think about it, that is 24 teams in action tonight and if you consider each team has three playable fantasy lines and two playable defensive pairs that gives you a player pool of around 312 skaters to which you have to pick the best eight. That is tough!

When it comes to these large slates there are a few things you could do to help digest things. First off, I think you need to play multiple lineups. If you're only going to do one lineup, there are so many options to choose from the odds you hit the nuts are just so slim. I would suggest using the same amount of entry fee money you normally would, but spread that across a few more lineups in a smaller buy in tournament, to give yourself more chances to land on the right lineup.

The next thing I would suggest is just going through all the teams and eliminating about half of them from your stacking consideration. Removing 12 of the 24 teams from the slate leaves you with a much more manageable player pool to work with. Even if you play 20 lineups or more, while you may think you can cover everything with that, those that enter that many lineups frequently will tell you that is not the case. So find the spots you really feel stand out, and focus your lineups there instead of trying to get a small piece of 24 different teams.

Lastly, don't get too off the wall. With so many options you probably don't need to stack some mediocre 4th line or even some 3rd lines. Sure you may need a one off here and there to save some salary but I'd focus those on forwards seeing power play time. 24 teams in action means there will undoubtedly be some top six forwards somewhere that will create good value and there will be plenty of cheap power play plugs available. It will be very difficult for a 3rd or 4th line player to elevate above 24 teams worth of players seeing much more and better opportunities.

Following my own advice from above, below are some of the top options I've narrowed this large slate down too. All prices are from DraftKings but plays can be applied to any site.

Primary Stacks

Pittsburgh – The good news for the Senators this week was that they snapped their four game streak of allowing exactly five goals, the bad news is that they've still lost six straight and nine of ten and are sitting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Reports out of Pittsburgh have Sidney Crosby ($6,400) returning in this one which