Daily Fantasy Saturday: Go With the Bolts

Stephen Dotzel


The theme of last week's article was honing in on a few three- and four-player stacks we could mix and match to give us the 4-3-1, 3-3-1-1, or 3-3-2 lineup construction that was most prevalent among winning lineups in large field tournaments. It's a high-risk, high-reward strategy which lends itself well to the small buy-in, large payout format that comes with these types of tournaments.

Looking at the results from last Saturday, the first-place lineup in the DraftKings $15 Kick Save tournament which had 3,137 entries and paid out $10,000 to first place, looked like this.

This lineup utilized a 3 (Montreal) – 2 (Washington) – 2 (Nashville) – 1 (Calgary) construction on its way to claiming the first-place prize with a point total of 192.20. While not exactly the format I mentioned above, that doesn't mean a 4-3-1 stack wouldn't have done the trick. In fact had you taken the four-player Nashville stack referenced in this article last week with their goalie, the three-man Montreal stack referenced, and filled the one-off spot with the best available player in Cale Makar – you would have scored 183.0 points which would have been good enough to get you fifth place and the $700 prize that came along with it. Not bad for $15.

Of course, it's always easy to build winning lineups after the fact. It's landing on the right plays beforehand that's the hard part. Hopefully that's where I and the DraftKings DFS Player Evaluator over in the Frozen Tools can come in and help guide the way. Since last week worked out pretty well, I'm going to stick with the same format for this article in the hopes of landing on two stacks that mesh together well enough to reach the tops of the leaderboards. All prices are from DraftKings but plays can be applied to any si