DFS Wednesday: Hitting Oil and Ranging Under

Vlad Zorila


Are you all excited? Are you? Because I certainly am. The second round of these playoffs has been underway since yesterday and already it's making me doubt everything I thought I knew about this sport and this league, and I love it. 

The Florida Panthers, who've been standing atop many fans' brackets since the postseason started, yours truly included, were humiliated at home against their state rivals yesterday. Meanwhile, the St Louis Blues, whom I predicted to get swept in this series in Dobber's experts panel predictions, almost upset the almighty Avs at home by taking them all the way to overtime.

Man, am I excited by all this. Who knows what may happen tonight? Just kidding, I do. Of course I do. I've got my betting advice ready for you guys. Take it all in one game at a time and things can become much clearer. Alright, I've got to put my excitement aside for a second here. Tell me this isn't the most beautiful sport.

Side note, I will be modifying the regular format for the remainder of the playoffs. I'll still have a gold, silver and bronze pick as usual, but, considering there will be two or less games per day, I'll alter the number of side bets I make, and may omit them altogether on some days. The goal here isn't to force bets, that's the number one losing strategy.

Gold Pick

Connor McDavid for 2+ points @1.80

With the surprising results we had yesterday, I want to keep things extra safe for my gold pick right now. I was actually going to go for a single point here for Connor McDavid, but the return on that bet is only of x1.18, which is never a good multiplier to place bets on since the return is either too insignificant or you risk losing egregious amounts of money. At x1.80, you can get a solid return for a bet that could almost be considered a given. Death, taxes and McDavid carrying the Oilers.

Don't get me wrong, I have this series going all the way to game seven, so there shouldn't be easy nights for anyone involved. That being said, it's hard to ignore a man who's currently rolling at a two point per game pace and can play hockey better than I can tie my shoes (or put a shirt on, or eat without spilling food on my clothes, or talk to people, or walk, or…)

Silver Pick

Edmonton Oilers @ Calgary Flames– Pick: Oilers

I'll say it again, there won't be any easy games for anyone here. That being said, as of right now, everything leads me to believe that the Oilers should have much more confidence than the Flames do. They are getting out of a clean game seven shutout. They have just won their first series in five years, only a second