Ramblings: Jenner’s Health; Team Stacking Columbus, Vancouver, New Jersey, and Others – September 6

Michael Clifford


Labour Day weekend is behind us, football is around the corner, and that means fantasy hockey draft season is in full swing. While we (including you, dear reader) have been getting ready basically before the 2022 Stanley Cup was even handed out, there's a difference between researching and actually drafting. Sitting at the table – virtual or not – is different than reading blogs or working on Excel sheets. For anyone that may just be catching up now, we cannot recommend our own 2022 Dobber Hockey Fantasy Guide enough. It has been, and will be, constantly updated right until the season starts, and contains projections, rankings, depth charts, projected line combinations, articles from our writers, and more. Be sure to pick up your copy of the Guide and help support what we do all year round.


One aspect of fantasy hockey drafting that can sometimes get overlooked is team stacking. Simply, it's just drafting a handful of top-end players from the same franchise to try and capitalize on one of the top offensive teams in the league. We are not talking about the very obvious situations, either. To tell someone, "Simply draft Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, or Nathan MacKinnon and Cale Makar" isn't very helpful. Unless you're in a four-team league, or some sort of keeper/dynasty format, having those pairs on your roster is virtually impossible.

So, let's talk about stacks, baby. Let's talk about some teams and players to target to try and get those high-end players from high-end teams that aren't necessarily thought of in that sense. We'll ignore the usual suspects in Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Colorado, and Toronto, and also spots we talked about last season in Florida, Minnesota, and Calgary. We'll focus on guys and teams that we can actually pick in 12-team leagues without wasting all our top picks. For now, I'll continue to use ADP data from Underdog Fantasy I referenced last week. I don't fully trust Yahoo! ADP this early because of auto-drafters and Underdog now has over 100 cash leagues d