The Journey: Insights from Frozen Tools Usage Charts – Part 3

Benjamin Gehrels


Welcome back to The Journey, where we track the development of prospects as they excel in junior, make the NHL, and push towards stardom.

This week is the third and final part in a series gleaning insights from the Frozen Tools Usage Charts, which are available in the Advanced Stats tab of any player profile. Once you learn how to read them, these charts can communicate several useful insights at a glance. Back in June, Dobber wrote a helpful explanation for how to read the charts and interpret some of the other advanced stats listed in the profiles (ie. OZ%, PDO, IPP, xGF).

Here are Parts One (ARI, BUF, CAR, CBJ, CGY) and Two (COL, DAL, DET, EDM, NJD) in case you missed them. Part Three covers NAS, NYR, OTT, PIT, and VAN. Teams were skipped if they did not have any (or many) notable prospect insights from the usage charts.

Nashville Predators

The Predators are always a frustrating team to cover when it comes to prospects. They don't have many young players in prominent roles, and the ones who do play tend to receive limited minutes and opportunity. Nevertheless, there are some interesting names here for fantasy purposes.

First, the bangers, Tanner Jeannot (light orange bubble in the middle-left cluster) and Yakov Trenin. Both are doing fine but not great with fairly difficult defensive minutes this year. They will continue to provide decent hit totals but not a whole lot else.