Ramblings – I’ve Identified 16 Disappointing Key Fantasy Players I’m Confident Will NOT Bounce Back (May 25)



Announcement: The Fantasy Prospects Report (13th Edition) will be released on Friday June 12. I have decided to go ahead and release this on that date because I didn't want to delay the announcement any longer. If the Draft is on June 26 then you will be able to use this with plenty of time to prep. If the Draft is in October after the 24-team playoffs that is forthcoming, then instead of posting an update on June 19 with a Mock Draft, I will post this update in October. Basically whenever the draft order is set, then we will update the Fantasy Prospects Report. I will have the Packs and this Guide up for pre-sale in a few days.


I hope you're enjoying the new website with all the new features! I really love those new widgets and I can't wait to see them in action in real time when there's actual hockey. This was two years in the making and about nine months late. But we got it up. Now to focus on DobberProspects – this relaunch should be up within a month.


The NHL and NHLPA agreed on a playoff format involving 24 teams. I can only assume that this means the other seven teams (Detroit, Ottawa, Anaheim, Buffalo, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Jose) will participate in the draft lottery. Here is how Elliotte Friedman says things may look:


I think this is as close to fairness as you can get, not everyone will be 100% happy, but whatever idea the unhappy party comes up with I am pretty comfortable in my belief that it would be deemed a worse idea by more clubs. Who voted against this format? Tampa Bay and Carolina. I'm not really sure Tampa's motive, as there has to be some way to go for the Cup and no matter which method is chosen, Tampa will be a favorite. Fighting it just delays the process and takes from your planning. Carolina, a team that is underrated in my books, may have seen the likelihood of playing another underrated team in the Rangers and balked – I get that.

UPDATE: According to The Athletic the Lightning voted against the playoff proposal because a) teams that normally wouldn’t make the playoffs would now have a chance, and b) with a bye the Lightning wouldn&