Ramblings – Thoughts on the Taxi Squad impact, the WJC, camp no-shows and more (Jan 04)



The 15th annual Fantasy Hockey Guide is out and ready for download! Draft List too! Updated up to today.

Thank you everyone for your support. It's been a tough year with sales of course being down. Tremendous, tremendous support from the community over the past week – sales in such a short window have been making a dent in the overall decline, eating away at the deficit. Lots of people getting pumped up for their drafts and picking up the Guide. Thank you!


Training camps have opened and teams have announced the players who have been invited. A few notable players have been left off, but this does not meant hat they will not join the team later on. For example, Denis Malgin is tearing up the Swiss League right now with 22 points in 19 games, which is good for third. The Leafs are so deep that there is no way he will make the team (which is unfortunate because I think there is some hidden value here). So he will remain in the Swiss League and I suspect the team will call him back in April and he'll get into a few games. An unrestricted free agent, undrafted 23-year-old who dominates the Swiss League like this would have 20 NHL teams begging to sign him. The Leafs already have him. And he has NHL experience. As long as depth and/or hockey politics don't get in the way, I think Malgin is a future fantasy option. Color me a fan.

Another name off the invite list – Josh Ho-Sang. This caught Ho-Sang and his agent off guard. And me, to be honest. The Isles signed him again. Why? Just to punish him? To make a statement? Seems like a petty move, Lou Lamoriello.


I have two drafts in the coming weekend. The big one, for my 15-team, 20-year, 34-player roster dynasty league, I have been preparing for months. Jotting down notes, reviewing teams. Can't wait to see if the added work pays off. The other one, a 14-team, 12-player keeper I am using Fantasy Hockey Geek to prepare. Last year I was winning this league on the Monday, but Tuesday fell to second and Wednesday was third – barely. I had a lot of games that weekend and wasn't worried because I would catch up and get back on top. It was a light week. But then – pandemic! Shutdown! And I finished third. Robbed! As always, Geek will put me on top. It will customize our somewhat complicated points system and rank the players accordingly.

Geek has a Draft Guru that feeds you your next best player live in-draft. BUT, because it's such a busy draft season, the guru can freeze and get glitchy. So I never use it since my draft is always around the same time. But I've used it before for earlier drafts (in non-busy times). What I do instead is run the customized rankings. Then I manually add them to the Fantrax player list so it is ready in my Draft Room on Draft Day. Anyway, if your league is not a full keeper and has more than just points, I recommend using the Fantasy Hockey Geek Draft Kit. Coupon is on page 12 of the