Ramblings: Lehner Surgery; Reviewing the Seasons of Nichushkin, Boldy, Jarvis, Marchment, and More – April 26

Michael Clifford


There has been a lot of reports and rumouring around the health of Robin Lehner for several days now, and the team finally acknowledged what was first reported by Emily Kaplan at ESPN: he is going to be having some surgery and is done for the season:

It does seem as if Vegas's season is effectively over, so this makes sense, but what a tough year for him and the team. This team is going to have to shed some salary this summer as they're losing Reilly Smith but need three more forwards and are already over the cap. There is also just one year left on Max Pacioretty's current contract. We'll have to wait and see what happens but there is movement coming somewhere.


An important update on the Carolina goaltending front:

Having both goalies out for the start of the postseason would have been a huge issue. Potentially having both of them back? It changes a lot of the outlook for this team.


We have reached the final week of the regular season in what felt like an absolute marathon season. By the time that Winnipeg game is played on May 1st, we won't be far off from a 7-month regular season. It's obvious what the reason was and let's he honest, we have no idea what next season will bring, and it could be more of the same. It's unlikely to be the norm but expecting anything is probably the only way to operate here.

To that end, I've gotten more on board with expanded playoffs. It would accomplish two things: give simil