Ramblings: Frozen Tools Top Searches – Malkin, Reinhart, D. Strome (May 23)

Ian Gooding


Hopefully you like the new modern design of the Dobber Hockey website. As I was telling Dobber, I like how you can now see hot players and a sampling of line combinations on the home page. Once play resumes, you'll also be able to see upcoming games and starting goalie information, which will give you more reasons to hang out here.  

Speaking of upcoming games, it seems as though we are one step closer to the NHL returning.

You've probably seen the potential matchups by now. You've probably also given some thought to who will win between, say, Montreal/Pittsburgh or Vancouver/Minnesota. I won't make any predictions today, since we still have hundreds of miles to travel before this gets the official go-ahead and the puck drops on the first matchup – assuming the fragile health situation allows. Yet since baseball is being played in South Korea and soccer is being played in Germany, there is growing hope that the proposed 24-team tournament can work in North America. But maybe you don’t like the number 24 for some reason.