21 Fantasy Hockey Rambles

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Every Sunday, we share 21 Fantasy Rambles from our writers at DobberHockey. These thoughts are curated from the past week’s 'Daily Ramblings'.

Writers/Editors: Ian Gooding, Michael Clifford, Alexander MacLean and Dobber


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1. Just a reminder that today is the start of Bubble Keeper Week. If you’re not familiar with Bubble Keeper Week, our writers will discuss offseason keeper decisions that we have to make, with the focus on those players that are on the bubble. Perhaps you have some of the same players on your roster, but if not, hopefully these articles guide you through a thought process for your own keeper decisions. The Bubble Keeper Week idea was started by a reader who suggested it could be an appropriate mid-summer topic when there’s hardly a peep of anything hockey-related.

I kicked things off in my Ramblings today, as I need to make a keeper decision by the end of the month on several players. My analysis won’t necessarily involve a flat-out keep or don’t keep recommendation, as these decisions tend to involve numerous factors particular to a league. Perhaps that analysis will help you if you are stuck on the fence with a player or two. (aug13)

2. In case you missed it, Robin Lehner is expected to miss the entire 2022-23 season, as he will require hip surgery. His status for the upcoming season was already uncertain. It’s worth mentioning that he already underwent shoulder surgery earlier this offseason along with battling a separate leg/knee injury. Lehner is already a Band-Aid Boy Trainee who will probably advance to the full list with this laundry list of ailments.